Friday, September 01, 2006


Remember "Fanaa"? Yeah, the worst movie ever. Or so I thought until I was forced to sit through "Shikhar". It beats Fanaa big time in being the most illogical, horribly over-acted, plot-less movie I have ever seen. Hopefully, the worst I'll ever see. May be that's why I liked most of the movies I saw afterwards. Anyways, I thought these movies were good and worth recommending.

"Chocolat": A safe bet which was way more entertaining than I had expected. Johnny Depp doesn't have much of a role though.

"Millions": A very sweet movie that had me smiling and laughing throughout. I had trouble following the british accent but liked the movie very much.

"Adaptation.": The most intelligent and original movie I have seen in a long time. A certain must-see. (My tip: Watch the movie first and then if you feel lost, watch the trailer. Also, look at the credits.)

"Dirty Pretty Things": I saw it solely for Audrey Tautou ("Amelie", "He loves me... He loves me not" and "Happenstance" more than made up for the not so interesting "God is great, I'm not"). A real racy thriller which reminded me very much of "Gosford park" (you'll know why if you've seen both the movies).

"Little Women": A very entertaining movie, worth watching for the costumes, sets and the superb acting. You should like family dramas though.

"Gandhi": I thought it was good but not up to the hype (maybe because I have seen it many times in bits and pieces whenever it was telecast in DD). Worth watching simply because its Gandhi.

I am planning to stick with popular choices for the time being. Let's see.

PS: The post title doesn't mean much. You should be able to crack it easily.

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