Saturday, February 24, 2007

Navbar problems

Yeah, you can see it. I made my own template in blogger to match my web site's look. Faced a couple of problems while doing so.

1. Blogger doesn't allow their new "layout" style for blogs published using FTP (or SFTP).
I didn't know this until I finished working on my template. Since I had spent a couple of hours on the new template, I decided it is OKAY to publish in a blogger account. The blog address is now:

2. All blogs using the new "layout" style and not published using FTP necessarily have the NavBar on the top. There is no way to turn this feature off. And it was pretty annoying as it was completely spoiling my template :( However, I accidentally figured out how to turn this feature off.

To turn off the NavBar in "non-FTP" blogs using the new "layout" templates:
0. Yeah, step 0 is to save your "layout" template in case you customized it.
1. Now, publish your blog using FTP after switching to a "classic" template.
2. Go to templates page and turn off the NavBar option.
3. Verify that your blog (still in "classic" template) doesn't show the NavBar.
4. Switch publishing back to a blogger account and upgrade your template to "layout" style.

And, voila... your "layout" style blog doesn't have the NavBar. If you now go and check the NavBar options in Page Elements (under Template), you will see that none of the options is checked.

I guess this is a minor bug that will probably be fixed soon. Till then, I am happy my blog doesn't have the ugly NavBar on top.

Do let me know if you think this looks better.

PS: I have uploaded my reading list and the coding problems using this template too. Have a look if you have time.

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