Friday, April 13, 2007

Not again !!

*Survivor Fiji spoilers *

This had to happen. I probably jinxed her. Why else will a very strong player like Michelle (in a reasonably "safe" alliance) get voted off, that too, immediately after I write a post supporting her? She certainly didn't deserve to go. Although the "twist" by itself was acceptable, Jeff's questions in the tribal council were totally unfair.

I just hope that my other favorites hang around a lot longer.


Btw, if you are mad about Michelle getting the boot, here's something to laugh about.

What did Boo tell Earl after he finds out about Michelle ?

Boo: Knock, Knock.
Earl: Who's there?
Boo: Boo
Earl: Boo who?
Boo: Don't cry !!!

PS: The joke is old but seemed appropriate here.

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