Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Capitalism without mercy is evil !

This is what I think UC is doing wrt closing down of graduate and family housing.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Flying Pig

I have never been good at any kind of outdoor sport. The only reason I used to looked forward to the "Sports Day"s in school and college was so that I could "bunk" them and get one more day off. Even when it was compulsory for us to attend, I have jumped the fence (literally) on several instances after giving the attendance. So, it was a bit shocking (not to mention funny) to everyone who knows me that I would train for a marathon... i mean a half-marathon!

Those who have played tennis with me would vouch for my lack of stamina - which actually won me several matches (since I used to frustrate them with my "time-out"s). So, I never thought I would be able to run 13 miles at a stretch. Walk - maybe. But run? Nope.

I got interested in the "Flying Pig" thanks to my roommate and his friends. Being competitive, first I just wanted to try and see how far I could go. Of course, running for AID Cincinnati was not a bad idea either. I started my training in Jan. Running the first continuous mile itself was much harder than I had imagined. Now, after 4 months, despite the 3.5 week break I took in between when my proposal work was intense, I am almost at the end of my preparations. I have run 10 miles and 12 miles once (non-stop) at close to 10 mins per mile, which I think is a good enough assurance that I will finish the final run.

Hopefully there will be a post after I cross the finish line successfully on the 3rd.
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Survivor - Micronesia spoilers alert!

Too soon for another survivor post (especially after the big break in-between). However, Ozzy getting snuffed deserves a post. Really glad that he is out. I have hated Ozzy since Ep 1 this time and he seems to have showed his true colors this time around. It was hard considering I was a big fan of his after Cook Islands. But now, I am just glad.

Also, Cirie earns a few brownie points for getting rid of the Oz and is probably the only "favorite" I wouldn't mind winning the game (the chances being pretty bleak though). Just like I lost interest after P.G was out in China, I think I am going to lose interest in couple more episodes, as soon as Jason gets voted off!
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The 3 Rs

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

I was always good at the first two but not so good at the third. After getting involved in the Pitch:In & LEAP, have started recycling more at home. And it wasn't that much effort either.

Here is what I have been up to:

There are three kinds of people who (according to me) don't care to recycle: a) Lazy, b) Indifferent & c) Evil ! As long as you are an (a) or a (b) (or a mix of both), there is still hope.

Since my roommates aren't (c), I have been able to convince them (not fully yet though) to recycle more. Of course, setting up separate "bins" for paper and plastic wastes does help.

Hope it makes a difference.
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Friday, April 11, 2008


Back after a long break which probably deserves a long post itself (on what I have been up to). Anyways, that would have to wait. How could I not have a post on Survivor: Micronesia now that we are up to the merge.

Spoilers alert (till Ep 9) :

Now, this season has been pretty disappointing. Usually most of my early survivor picks get voted off immediately, but someone or the other manages to hang around till the last 5 or last 4. This season though, all my picks have been eliminated before the merge (ep 9). But that's not because they played bad and were voted off, but because I haven't had many players to root for.

Going in as fans vs. favorites, I was looking forward to an exciting season. But the only favorites I wanted to root for were Yau and Johnathan. Ami and Eliza were in the next tier of my picks thanks to their alliance with Yau. I wasn't going to root for Johnny fairplay or the "clique" of 4. Cirie was always a wild card who ended up outside my list for eliminating Yau.

They couldn't have done any worse selecting fans. On one hand you had the very shortsighted players like Mikey and Joel, and on the other hand you had quitters Kathy and Chet. I would have liked Tracey if only she were little less annoying and a little more sociable. Anyways, I didn't have any clear picks amongst the fans until the tribes were shuffled (ep 5?).

After the shuffle, my only favorites were Ami and Tracy (not because I shifted allegiance but because I wasn't left with any other choice) who again were eliminated successively. By Ep 9, I was forced to root for Eliza and Jason which again wasn't going to last.

Eliza got the boot today, Jason is about to follow any time he fails to win the immunity. My option if he too gets the boot? No one.

Too sleepy to go over my predictions. Hopefully will continue later - soon enough.
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