Monday, June 23, 2008

The Amazing Race

An exciting start to an eventful vacation.

On our way to Chennai, my brother and I bumped into a team from the next season of the Amazing Race at the Singapore airport.

Possible spoilers from the next Amazing Race Season ahead.

(Hereafter, "we" refers to me and my elder brother.)

We first noticed them after boarding the same Hong Kong - Singapore flight. Seeing their backpacks and the two cameramen behind, our immediate guess was that they were part of the Amazing Race. However, I didn't get a good look at them when they zipped past my seat and also, I was pretty tired then, so I spent all the time aboard sleeping rather than trying to find out if the guess was right. My brother usually acts as if such things are no big deal, so he didn't snoop around either.

After getting off at the Singapore airport, we were still discussing the possibility while standing in line for our next boarding pass at the Air India counter when they came and stood behind us. We immediately asked them THE question (if they were part of the Amazing Race) and lady said "We don't know what you are talking about."

It wasn't rocket science to figure out the instructions they had - that is to not say anything about the show. We spent few minutes with them and gathered quite a bit of information. The two contestants were representing Philippines, their next destination was Cochin, India (we even got a peek at the blue note with the globe symbol). Since no other team was around, and I think they mentioned a 2 hour lead over another (with some Simon?), my guess is that they were among the final few contestants.

Below is the picture I took with the team in the background (they couldn't pose - they aren't allowed to!). Notice the yellow-red flag and the backpacks with the number 9.

I am sure my brother was equally excited about the whole thing although he will deny it (except in front of our younger brother). After all, we were totally "amazed" by the show once and never missed an episode of the first season.

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Jon said...

Hi Aravind,

This is Jon of We are actually tracking down the filming of TARA 3 and luckily you have spotted them at Singapore Airport. Thanks for the photos you have provided and we enjoyed reading your blog. Would you mind to drop me a line at I have few questions to ask if it's just fine. I would appreciate it. You can take a look at our free site and look for the spoilers. Shokriya.


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