Friday, October 17, 2008

Bending down for Natalie Portman

She is shorter and smaller than I imagined, I really had to bend down for the picture. I wish I had taken my camera instead of my cellfone!

I was glad to meet her since she is also involved in a lot of environmental stuff among other things.

We talked for few minutes - discussed the climate change, Darfur, the policies of Obama & McCain, and of course her movies. She even asked me if she could recommend me for a role in her "in-the-talks" movie / docu-drama about climate change. Unfortunately I had to decline since I am focussed on getting my PhD. So we exchanged our numbers and agreed to meet after she is finished with promoting her upcoming movie.

Of course, I am now eagerly awaiting "New York, I love you" and "Brothers".


Aravind said...

Btw, that one little paragraph was an exaggeration. If you bought that, you deserve to be sent to a museum or an institution. :P

ragha said...

ennaala nambave mudiyale....

Aravind said...

Btw we did speak for a minute. I told her how much I liked her for supporting vegetarianism, being anti fur, and other environmental issues. She stressed again that those were some of the reasons why she was endorsing Obama (she was actually there canvassing for Obama).

I also complimented her on her movies ("V for Vendetta", and "Closer").

She was really nice and pleasant. If only other celebrities were like her (or Serena Williams!).

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome.

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