Friday, March 13, 2009

Gore-zilla - 1

He watches helplessly as the S.W.A.T members move in behind the desks with their guns pointed at the several entrances to the classroom. He knows that someone's even slight misjudgment will turn into an irreversible blunder. He tries to think of anything to delay the inevitable. To his relief, just one student enters the room, but his relief is short-lived as he sees the guards steadying their fingers at the trigger.

"Don't shoot, Don't shoot, I know these people". He jumps in front of the student to protect her, hands waving and hysterical, just as the rest of the group starts pouring inside the room.

As the S.W.A.Ts lower the weapons, several students realize the situation and start panicking. Before anyone could leave the room, a set of uniformed guards close the doors and line up as a shield, and the students about to run out of the room automatically step back to the center of the room. Before anyone could react any further, there is a loud noise and almost instantaneously the outer wall of the room blows inwards, as if a result of a very powerful bomb.

The guards standing next to the wall take most of the impact, the desks serve as good cover for the rest of the people inside. Although he is thrown back a few feet, luckily he manages to land without hutting anything. As he pulls himself up spitting and coughing though the dust, he hears it, a roar so deafening that his falling down on his knees with his hands pushing the ears hard into his head seems to make no difference.

The roar stops just as suddenly as it started. Few moments pass by before he raises his head again, his ears are still ringing heavily and with great difficulty he opens his eyes. Although dust is still all over the room, as his vision gets clearer, through the big hole in the wall, he manages to see a shape moving on the grounds outside. He shrinks back in horror at the sight of a creature so enormous and so ugly that the only place it could have come from, and belongs in, would be hell.

To be continued...

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