Saturday, January 16, 2010

Never Ending ToDos

As compensation for over-sleeping the other day, have been getting up before 6AM for the past few days. I usually end up sleeping late on weekends to catch up with "lost sleep" but the getting-up-early trend continued today (thankfully, I must add).

Writing is really a time-consuming process. I give myself an hour to finish something and end up needing at least a couple more before I am satisfied. Worked on the CTS '10 paper all morning and finally managed to finish it even though I wasn't completely satisfied. I still have two more days to re-work it but I at least have a "near-final" draft on hand.

I was starving by then and with amazing coincidence Athreya called up with "whats for lunch?". I ended up making my "north-south-fusion". The only interesting side note being my "eggplant sambhar" turned out quite well, exceeding my expectations. Of course, it also means that I am getting more successful at eating Brinjal.

The bad surprise of the day was the realization that I am quite out-of-touch with Matlab. Because of that Athreya had to suffer more delay on his research front. However I think I was a lot more frustrated about the whole thing. Hmm. I also managed to be more productive on the housekeeping front; did my laundry and weekend-cleaning which actually gives me two days and few hours (till I crash tonight) to work on the To Dos list.

Looking forward to the day I wont have to go over the ToDos, the minute I wake up. Unfortunately I dont see it in the near horizon!

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