Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go Villains

The new Survivor season is definitely off to a great start. The premiere was a blast and I can only hope it gets better. Since I am very likely to be catching up with most episodes only afterwards, I also have to try hard and avoid spoilers until I watch the episode. (Btw by spoilers, I mean my too-eager-to-spoil-it-for-me buddies here).

Anyways, I am yet to pick my two pre-season picks (which I usually do only *after* the first episode). Considering I know most players well, I am torn between whether to go for who-I-want-to-win versus who-I-think-will-win. For the former, my two picks are quite easy - Russell and Cirie (in that order). Of course, knowing Russell is 99.99% not winning (based on his show at the Samoa's finale) and that Cirie is already a target in her tribe doesnt help the case. Since I still haven't finalized on who-I-think-will-win yet, I think I might just stick with Russell and Cirie. After coming too close to picking a winner in past seasons, I think I ll survive a bad pick this time. Oh, btw something tells me this time it will be a woman winner, much like Micronesia. Lets see.

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