Thursday, October 05, 2006

I hate my classmates

Top 5 types of students I wish weren't in my class:

5. Miss.KnowItAlls:
How to identify one? She is probably the first to enter the class, never even blinks till the end of the class (lest she might miss something important) and constantly takes notes (although already knows it all). She ll never miss a chance to show off she is a KnowItAll and obviously is among the teachers' pets.
PS: It could have been a "He" too. But generally, Mr.KnowItAlls do not show off as much and hence are a lot more tolerable.

4. Everyone look here, I lack manners:
Members of this club include (but are not limited to) those who come in late but insist on sitting in the front row, those who bang the door while walking out in the middle of the class (to answer their phone calls), those who attend their phone calls inside the class (yeah, that happens too), those who cannot stop shaking their legs (along with the desks and chairs), who stretch as if in an aerobic class and those who pick their noses because they are bored. The only reason they are this low in my list is coz I somehow manage not to get distracted during a good class. If it is a bad class, then who cares !!

3. Mr. and Ms. Doubts-Fire:
The ones that stick out their hands in a boring class as soon as the prof says "Questions?". I am not against those who ask questions in class. But these are the ones that ask questions simply because they think it makes them look smart. They are not dumb but the questions they ask are either way off the topic or dead simple. And they do it all the time. Grrrrrrrrr.

2. The hypocrite parasites:
You just have to be careful with this lot because you generally have outside-the-class interactions with them. They copy your work and shamelessly claim to have worked it all out by themselves - even in front of you. Oh, and they hate helping others. They never share their copied HW with anyone else because its bad !! They might know very little but love to act like KnowItAlls. My advice: Never trust them.

1. The bootlickers:
If the class is very boring (which is like every 2.735 out of 4 times), then you are in for some big trouble with this lot. You wouldn't believe what all they do to "butter" the prof. They go "Yes Sir, Yesss Sirrr." to every word uttered by the prof, they laugh-out-LOUD to all those not-at-all funny attempts made by the prof. (and make sure the prof sees them do so), are generally a variant of Mr./Miss. Doubt-Fires (they only ask questions for which they are sure that the prof. will know the answer!!), they never ask the prof for delaying the assignment due date or for reducing the exam syllabus (although thats what they complain about to the rest of us), meet the prof before & after the class and also during his office hours to ask doubts (!!), and wish that there was something beyond excellent in the course evaluation sheets (while the rest of us are coming up with "awful", "horrible", "terrible", "dreadful", etc.)

If you ask me to name my favorite classmate whom I love to hate, its MM. I can not be anymore specific (as it won't be fair to that person) but (s)hes THE perfect bootlicker I have ever seen.

What about you??


Dilips said...

This was a very nice and interesting post. though I must say
i may be one of the categories mentioned. I have noticed all the types you mentioned and brought back a little nostalgia from college days.hmm....though i wonder which of those types you were....????

Aravind said...

Hmm.. let me see.

I think I am:
70% normal
+ 10% of #5 (Used to do that in under grad to get internals marks :D )
+ 5% of #4 (Did some nasty things this quarter. Never before though.)
+ 5% of #3 (Very rarely - again in undergrad.)
+ 10% of #1 (for one Undergrad Prof whom the rest of the class hated)

No wonder my undergrad friends hated me in class :D

I think have been a better classmate in UC.

What about you?? Which category are you? I would guess #1 + #5 mixed together.

Karthik said...

daii u have told the truth but percentages are wayyy off mark :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I completely agree with you. A girl that pretends to be my friend is a Know-A-All, no offense to her, and always copies my work, yet then shows it off in front of the teachers to look smart. Once, I did her homework that she didn't do the other light in class for her, and when I finished, I didn't know how to do the current classwork because she had made me due her homework. I asked her a question about it, and she just told me to shut up and ignored me. And she became part of student consul (the president of it) mainly due to the website I created and the suggestions I made to her. My rant is over. I think I'm mostly the kind who taps their feet. Haha, I do that a lot, on chair in front of me.

Aravind said...

@Anonymous: Now, that was brutal. I bet she wasn't your BFF anymore ;)

Someone in my class used to copy the HWs but would refuse to share them with anyone else because it was "wrong"! And yes, it was a "she".

I believe that you can't ride on other ppl's back forever. Sooner or later, you will have to walk on your own.

So, how is your "friend" doing now?

Anonymous said...

LOL so true.
Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

You sound like someone who complains all the time about their grades and then do nothing about it.

rainbownapkin said...

Hmm...I hate to be negative but I agree with you and hate almost every kid in almost all of my classes. Oh yeah, you forgot to add those people that are really rude for no reason. Actually just a few minutes ago me and my friend were talking about something and one of the guys from the class is like,"would you guys shut up! You're being really annoying." and he said it in front of everybody, but I just rolled my eyes like whatever, fuck you. But I mean we weren't even talking THAT loud and the whole class was against us like,"yeah you were!" I hate all of them sooo much :( I wish I could drop my class but since its already this far into the semester it just wouldn't work out. And I'm actually a pretty calm and nice person for the most part but they just really pissed me off and I found that highly inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

to be honest with you
i feel i want to kill all in school
but the question is how and
why ?

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