Friday, October 27, 2006

Somewhere out there

Ever wondered who checked out a book before you did or who might do so next?

I get a lot of books from libraries. When I finished reading 'The Concrete Blonde' (which was about 2 months back) I realized that in all probability, anyone who has / will read the book might love murder mysteries just like me.

But, its not just that. I believe there is this invisible connection between all the people who read the same book. When I say the same book, I mean the same copy of it. Forget the books that you borrow from your friends (what's the thrill in knowing that you and your friend have a connection). The book that you have just returned to the library might actually be read by someone else who may end up being the next big thing (I am not implying that you couldn't be the next big thing; you could be one too). Are you not interested in knowing that random person who might have liked the book just as much as you? What makes it more interesting is that since you may have all kinds of people within any locality, even though the book itself may be geographically bound, the people who read it may be very different.

All this is probably a side effect of my interest in the 6 degrees of separation. But, when you have theories such as the butterfly effect, don't you think it's magical that a book might play a role in many people's lives without anyone realizing it? And, it's not just a book. It could be anything. It could be that random movie dvd that you check out and finally end up loving or that pen you use to fill out your forms at the DMV office.

Wouldn't this make all these inanimate things have a life of their own? What if they play a good or bad role in your life depending on how well you treat them? May be the reason the movie dvd gets stuck in the middle of an exciting scene is because it hates you and doesn't want you to enjoy the movie. How about that?

Btw, somewhere out there is my old Motorola v557 instrument that I exchanged for another. So, in case you got a v557 with emi 358253000563695 (check by doing *#06#) then we share some connection.

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