Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kenny Boi

Note: This post may have spoilers about Survivor Gabon.

Yeah Kenny, one of my pre-season picks in Survivor: Gabon is doing extremely well and is very likely to win if he reaches the final 2 (or 3), which also makes him a huge threat for others to get rid of (with 7 people left now).

I wasn't happy with his early plays like aligning with Crystal or getting rid of Ace etc. But all that seem to have worked out for him - till now at least. But he better watch out since given the current set of remaining players, all of them are equally likely to blind-slide anyone - just to get to the next round. These people are so fickle (especially Sugar and Susie) that the last person to talk to them is going to have his/her way.

What I want? I want Matty gone ASAP. Clearly he will not think twice to get rid of Kenny and Kenny can always convince the others to get rid of Bob & Corrine (since they already have favorable numbers in the jury). I am also concerned about Sugar since she is still holding on to her idol - which is a major threat.

I think, the next two episodes are going to determine the winner. Let's see.

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