Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My 5 lesser known great Hindi movies

I have been requested (read arm-twisted) to write these "My Five" posts. I have been accused of having over 20 items in all my "Top 5" lists. So this would probably be the first of several posts forcing me to (restrict and) list my top 5.

This is my list of "5" lesser known Hindi movies (post Lagaan) that I would recommend:

  • "The Blue Umbrella" & "Raincoat":
    Although this list is not in any specific order, these movies definitely deserve to top the list.

  • "Maqbool", "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi" & "Manorama: Six Feet Under":
    These movies are quite popular but have not been as widely watched. I am often surprised to find out that some people haven't even heard of them!

  • "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom" & "Tashan":
    Whenever I tell someone I like these films they immediately have this look on their face that says: "Hmm, so THIS is the kind of movies you like... And I thought you had a decent taste in films..." Anyways, I still feel "Tashan" is 2008's "Om Shanti Om", and "JBJ" is a wonderful musical that is so much better than "Saathiya" or "Bunty Aur Babli".

  • "Dor":
    I usually don't include remakes in my movie lists but I am yet to watch "Perumazhaikaalam" and am willing to give Nagesh Kukkunoor the benefit of the doubt, especially since this movie is so good.

  • "Black Friday" & "No Smoking":
    "Black Friday" is a definite no-brainer considering it was stuck-in-cans for several years, and "No Smoking" may be extremely unsatisfying but it is equally interesting.

  • "Eklavya":
    This is almost in the same category as "JBJ" and "Tashan": Movies-people-love-to-hate. I was simply blown away by this extremely well-shot film and still don't understand why someone will compare this gem of a movie with the highly overrated "Dharm"!

Okay, I know my math (I know there are 11 instead of 5) but despite leaving out several others, I couldn't get rid of any of these :) (I also know I have 2 by Vishal Baradwaj and 2 by Anurag Kashyap in there but I wanted to include "Makdee" too!) Let me know if you think any of these need to be kicked off the list.

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