Monday, November 27, 2006

The Cook Islands

As I had wanted to, this season, I cut down on the repeats of FRIENDS, Raymond and Seinfeld. Only few of the shows I had wanted to watch were good (LOST was the biggest disappointment though with just 5-6 episodes which weren't that good anyways). My initial and the only favorite had been Studio 60.

Thanks to ABC, most free-to-air channels (read: NBC and CBS) decided to go online with the latest episodes of their popular shows. I should say that among them, CBS' "inner tube" is simply the best. Because a) all the episodes of the shows are available, and b) you can even skip the ads if you are clever enough. Anyways, the whole point is that I happened to catch the latest Survivor from CBS and it just blew me away.

I had seen the show before, when the now-in-jail "Rich" manipulated his way to become the first Survivor. Not that I understood much then, but I liked the show. Since then, I hadn't quite been able to catch the show until now. I would say that it has been worth the wait.

I cannot say much about this season without giving away some spoilers, but trust me, if you even remotely like any reality game shows, you MUST watch Survivor this season. The twists in the game and some of the characters this time are simply too good to miss. After all, if you are free enough to read through something like this, then you surely are free enough to watch the initial episodes at least. And why not when
you can catch all the episodes online that too without any ads.

Why am I recommending it so much? Because, unfortunately, I don't have anyone else to do some "Survivor Talk". So, in case you do end up liking the show, do let me know.

PS: To skip ads in CBS inner tube, first use real player codec and once the video starts in the inner tube, transfer it to play in your computer's real player. Then you can skip the ads.


Anonymous said...

How do you do the switch to your real player? I have an imac and can't get innertube to play past a few minutes of each episode. Thanks

Aravind said...

Hmm I am not too sure about how the real player works on the imac but this trick sure does work on Windows PCs.

What I do is, once the video starts playing on the innertube (in the browser), if you bring the mouse cursor on the video screen (i.e., the small box where the video plays), you can see an icon on the top-left corner of the video screen which allows you to play the content from real player.

Assuming you have the real player installed in your machine, clicking on that icon should launch the real player. Now if you look at the playlist from your real player, you can see the ads and the video segments. You can now skip the ads, fast forward/rewind the videos etc.

Btw I recently saw the first Survivor:China episode using the CBS innertube without any ads. So it still works for me!!

Let me know what you get!!

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