Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mera Name Is Bakwaas

Now, why can't people come up with good names for movies? In case you haven't noticed, the names of most of the recent Hindi and Tamil movies are as uninspiring and meaningless as it can be.

At least most Tamil films now have Tamil titles. (Doesn't help much though, with names like Achcho, E and KD). The situation is worse in Bollywood with even the B-C-grade films opting for an English title. What do you feel about "Mr.100% - The Real Player"? (With the current sequel syndrome in Bollywood, its sequel will probably be called "Miss.100% - Windows Media Player". I know it wasn't funny - wasn't supposed to be coz remember, the names are uninspiring and meaningless.)

Also, I hate the "tags" for the movie name. If you do not know what the "tags" are, they are an alternative longer name for the movie or in many cases, the meaning of the movie name. However, since the movie names are by themselves terrible, the tags end up highlighting how bad the movie name actually is. Consider the previous example "Mr.100% - The Real Player". Which do you think is worse here - the name or the tag?

I know all you Bollywood lovers are now ready to attack me with how I have just picked one C-grade movie to generalize a false allegation. Before you do so, which of the following do you seriously think can pass as names for Hindi films:

1. Lady Chatterjee
2. Kya Love Story Hai
Jaadu Sa Chal Gaya
4. Chalta Hai Yaar
Aisa Kyon Hota Hai
6. Mr. Khujli
Good Boy Bad Boy
8. Mobile Phone
9. Fashion
10. Hot Money

Unfortunately, all these are really names for upcoming Hindi movies. Most of them are in fact A-Grade multi-starrers !! I wonder how the actors agreed to the movie names.


Ravi said...

Yeah true aravind...

let me list some pathetic tamil movie names:

achacho , BY2, Boys and Girls, kokki...

Aravind said...

True. I got a fwd which was making fun of current tamil movie names. It listed funny names for future movies. Dont remember exactly but sth like:

Rajini(Sivaji): MGR, Gemini Ganesan

Vijaykanth(Dharmapuri): Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Cholapuri

Ajith(Varalaru): Kanakku, Bhoogolam

Jeeva(E): Kosu, Karappanbuchi

Was quite funny !!

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