Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How much gore can u take?

Generally the movies I recommend to my friends get "two thumbs way down".

(In case you didn't know, "two thumbs way up" is the most over-used catchphrase by reviewers of bad English flicks. "Among the top 10 movies of this or any year" and "A definite must-see" are the other favorites.)

This time, I thought I was in safe territory with "SAW". I had already seen it a long time back and I had loved movie then. The reason I wanted to see it the second time was mainly because the recently released "SAW3" supposedly fills in the gaps in the original.

After seeing the movie again (it was quite enjoyable the second time too although I noticed more plot holes this time around), I was expecting my friends to be as impressed by the movie as I was after my first viewing.

Unfortunately, the unanimous reaction from my friends was on the lines of why I subjected them to a big gore fest!! While I was going "wHaT??", they were happily confirming that "I-have-a-weird-taste-for-movies" / "I-have-a-taste-for-weird-movies" / "I-have-a-weird-taste-for-weird-movies".

In my defense, these guys have dismissed "Fight Club" (annoying), "Pulp Fiction" (gibberish) and "Adaptation" (boring). And yes, they are THE target audience for unadulterated trash such as "Accepted".

However, the point here is that the reason they didn't like "SAW" was because it was gory. If the movie is really so, I must be a sadist psycho for I didn't even have to close my eyes throughout (I did flinch few times though). In order to convince myself that I am not a psycho, I started thinking of movies that I thought were gory.

The goriest movie I have ever seen is certainly "The Devil's Rejects". Hollywood must have ran into acute fake blood shortage after this movie was made. I can count with a single hand, the scenes I didn't have to close my eyes during this movie.

"Hills have eyes" would be a distant second followed by "Dawn of the dead" and "Resident Evil". I enjoyed "Dawn of the dead" while "Resident Evil" wasn't too bad. "SAW2" was a bit gory but it would be way down in the list. I like watching slasher flicks. Although they tend to have several over-the-top blood spurting scenes, I don't think they can be classified gory.

I haven't seen "Hostel" yet. I doubt if that or its upcoming sequel will beat "Devil's..." Either way I am not interested. My next gory choice would definitely be "SAW 3".


Dilips said...

If you have got used to watching gore, lesser gores seem less than more gores :P.....after some time gore becomes an it has to you :p....
but SAW was my first gore movie....and i hope to see many more.....
this comment was not supposed to make much please regret that you read it

Aravind said...

No regrets :P
Coz I didnt read it !!! :P

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