Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dell and his blog

First read my disclaimer here.

One fine day, Dell woke up and found himself with nothing to do. Well, that wasn't really true. He actually found himself with a LOT of things to do, none of which he wanted to. After a lot of contemplation, he decided to start a blog.

Dell is funny in general but sometimes his jokes can really bore you to death. Also, Dell loves being the most popular person in his groups. So even before he would finish his blog posts, he would email all his friends asking them to read and comment on his blog. His friends, who were the primary readers of his blog, found his initial few posts amusing and a bit interesting. However, with time, Dell became busier (or should I say lazier) and his blog posts not only became irregular but also longer and monotonous. Needless to say Dell's readers got disinterested and soon his blog became one of those things that exist but serve no purpose.

However, Apple, one of his buddies, would keep checking Dell's blog for updates. He would constantly encourage Dell to continue his efforts and finally managed to get him to return to blogging after a year long hiatus. Unfortunately to Apple's disappointment Dell's "return post" turned out be even more uninteresting and humdrum than ever before. Apple, being a very good friend of Dell, told him exactly what he felt about Dell's latest blog post.

Although Dell has taken Apple's comments as constructive criticism, it is still left to see whether or not Dell would continue with his ways.


I shall update the story of Dell and his blog if anything even remotely interesting turns out from this scenario.

@Dell & Apple: Hi!! :P

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Anonymous said...

This is Dell writing this, after reading through this post. Wow, that was an eye-opener. Perhaps Dell's latest offering was not as bad. Certainly Dell is not pretty serious about writing and Apple and all the other companies can expect more quality.

hi back to you dell and apple..

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