Sunday, September 07, 2008


Just realized that I haven't posted several "interesting" and "not-so-interesting" incidents for the sake of not wanting to name the person(s) involved. So, from now on I have decided to post them as fictitious happenings / stories.

I guess the persons involved will know as soon as they read the post. And, it is likely that some "potential" posts might upset someone / land me in a soup. In my defense, all I say is that these posts are likely to be exaggerated and modified versions of the truth and are only "based" on true incidents. There, that gets me off the hook, I hope :)

Btw, these "stories" would most likely be inside jokes that only the person(s) involved would "get" and enjoy. So, if you wasted your time reading one of these please don't waste anymore of your time by telling me how I just wasted your time :P

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty scary. A certain person you involve with may have umpteen hilarious but nevertheless unsharable stories. To know that it will be told in an anonymous way to everybody is a danger!!!!!!

especially if ppl come to know who u are talking abt if they know u well...

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