Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome

If my "The" roommate knows about it then it is safe to assume that you do too.

I just tried it (although not using it RIGHT NOW) and it seems pretty cool. Very bare maybe, but fast. And more than actual thing, I loved the Google Chrome comic-book (see: http://blogoscoped.com/google-chrome/) Although I would have loved more technical details, I have to agree that it wasn't a too dumbed down introduction. I felt that using only the colors from the Google Chrome browser for the comic strip was a nice touch.

After using GChrome I can only say that it is here to stay. Google's announcement may be premature but their product definitely seems to live up to the expectations. However, I somehow feel that THIS was the operating system that many (if not all) people thought Google would eventually come out with, to compete with Windows. I mean with Internet being ubiquitous already, and browsers being the most used software, is it too hard to imagine that soon, all computer activities will be done online? With the bulky IE still struggling to cope up with Firefox, Microsoft doesn't seem to have a ready answer to Google's next big attack so close to its hometurf. I could be wrong there, but I am definitely right in saying that interesting things are waiting to happen in the following days.

PS: What I loved most about Google Chrome (in the limited time that I have spent on it) is its taskmanager and the stats for nerds. Try it!

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